Cloud Massage

By Rhaman Robinson Owner & Operator LMBT Practitioner #9660 919-412-8970.

Stretching Images

Drink plenty of water to help keep the Muscle Elasticity. Stretching is Important for a healthy body. For many reasons "example" taking tension off joints i.e. the Spine, Stretching the back can help the vertebrae form popping out of alignment. Each muscles should be stretched at least 10 seconds & through out day. Be sure the stretch both sides "(Rhaman) I found it loosing up more easy & better stretches, when you stretch the looser muscle first and then stretch the tighter side second."   


This stretches the Upper Trapezius, Suboccipitals Splenius Capitis & Cervicis, Semispinalis. i.e. Muscles of the Neck.

This stretches the (Adductor Muscles) i.e. Inner Thigh Muscles.


This Stretches the Pectoralis Major and Minor. i.e.  Chest Muscles.


This stretches the Latissimus Dorsi and Teres Major. i.e. the wide back muscle (example) the big muscle that looks like a wing on a bodybuilders.




This stretches the Hamstring and Adductor Muscles. i.e. the Muscles in the back of the leg and the inner leg.









This stretches the Gastrocnemius Muscle i.e. Calf the muscle in the back of the lower leg.








Special Thanks you to my brother Jordan! Fitness Trainer Certification, for those who are interested.

Stretches done by,

Jordan Robinson.

More Coming Soon!!!